"Our strength is in our quality"

Orye Makine 

"We Take Our Strength from Our Quality"

Since our establishment, we have been expanding our product diversity and market network by constantly increasing product quality and customer satisfaction with our high technology knowledge and experienced organizational structure. Orye Makina is taking solid steps to provide better service to its customers, especially by making significant investments in automation in production and testing machines in product development.


"The main goal of our company is customer satisfaction with zero-error."

Advanced Technology and Quality

As Orye Makina, we comply with product OEM quality standards without compromising on quality and standards.

preserves and uses the latest technology.

Orye Makina provides its customers with a competitive advantage in the market with optimum automation and efficient process and product design.

They constantly keep their costs under control to maintain their competitiveness.

Fast and Reliable Shipment

Orye Machinery prioritizes customer satisfaction with its simple

and flexible structure.

It aims to provide the fastest delivery service.

By developing product range beyond customers' expectations in targeted product groups,

We aim to be the sole and reliable supplier of our customers