"Our strength is in our quality"

About Us

ORYE MAKİNE, 1000m2 closed area which follows a principled working and production policy to create new projects with its young and dynamic staff in order to serve our country and create employment areas, continues to work abroad with the same confidence and work discipline.


Our company, whose founding purpose is generally on manufacturing; Automotive fittings, durable consumer goods, machine tools, nuts, bushings, shafts and related automaton parts can be mass produced. Our production complies with international standards and is certified with the relevant ISO 9001 quality certificates.


For the automotive industry; We manufacture door handles, radiator and thermostat parts, cast and semi-finished spare parts, oven parts and all kinds of machining (Bronze, Automatic, Brass, Stainless, Aluminum) parts.


Our expanding production capacity continues to be faster, higher quality and more reliable with our C-Axis CNC Automats, CNC lathes, Trop Automat, Lathe, Milling, Hydraulic Press, Drill and Indexes, precision machining

and our renewed machine park.


Our company, which manufactures various mold apparatus, thermostat stainless casting spare parts for domestic as well as foreign markets, has an average annual production capacity of 1 million parts.


The main goal of our company is customer satisfaction with zero-error.

Product control is carried out at every stage, from raw material entry to finished product exit, by experienced personnel using computer-controlled precision measuring devices.